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Voices In The Family

February 2009

Best of Voices

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On the next Voices in the Family, Dr. Dan Gottlieb reflects back on some of the most riveting conversations. We'll hear from Holocaust survivor Gerda Weissmann Klein, and Morris Dees, an Alabama Civil Rights activist, who have both dedicated their lives to teaching tolerance, and to ending hatred, bigotry and racism. We'll also hear an excerpt from Dr. Dan's interview with Jon Kabat-Zinn, a renowned teacher of Mindfulness, a technique designed to help people calm their minds, and focus on the present. He employs mindfulness meditation - sitting and focusing on one's breath - to teach people to be more aware of each passing moment. And we'll also listen to Dan's interview about our relationships with our pets, what they mean to us, and how we interact with them.

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A Conversation with Gerda Weissmann Klein and Morris Dees

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A Conversation with Jon Kabat-Zinn

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Over 2 million Americans get married every year, and promise their partner to stay with them for the rest of their lives. Yet roughly fifty percent of marriages end in divorce. Why do so many of them fail? Is it lack of communication or growing pains? And what can be done to build stronger, more loving relationships to keep a marriage alive? Join Dr. Dan Gottlieb on the next Voices in the Family when he talks with family therapist, B. Janet Hibbs. She says that fairness can be the key to solving problems and making marriages last. Dr. Hibbs is a psychotherapist in private practice in Philadelphia and author of Try to See it My Way. For more information on Dr. Hibbs, visit www.drbhibbs.com or go to www.trytoseeitmyway.com.

Economic Anxiety

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According to a recent Gallup poll, more than half of Americans say the condition of the economy is poor. And the majority are angry about the financial crisis the country is facing. On the next Voices in the Family, Dr. Dan Gottlieb discusses economic anxiety in the midst of this financial crisis and offers coping mechanisms to help get you through these hard times. Dan will be joined by Dr. Kathleen Gounaris who is a financial psychologist who works with companies and individuals to understand the psychology of money and Dr. Sarah Kinsman a pediatrician and physio-psychologist who counsels families who are struggling with job loss.

How Does Our Behavior Affect the Economy?

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Every day, we make many decisions that affect our economy, from purchasing a snack and a cup of coffee to purchasing a car or a house. But with the economy in trouble and the constant flow of more bad news, people have become afraid of what's going to happen, and have cut back tremendously on spending. So as the economy affects our lives - how do we affect the economy? What happens in our brains that makes us save, spend, or shut down when faced with economic adversity? Join Dr. Dan Gottlieb on this special edition of Voices in the Family, when we'll discuss how our brain chemistry affects economic decisions. Our guest is Dr. Paul Zak, Director for Center for Neuroeconomic Studies at Claremont Graduate University in California. We'll also hear from greed expert Tim Kasser, who is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Knox College in Illinois. He is also the author of The High Price of Materialism and the editor of the book Psychology and Consumer Culture.

For More information about Paul Zak: www.cgu.edu

For more information about Tim Kasser: www.knox.edu