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Voices In The Family

August 2008


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Why do you flirt? Probably for the same reasons we all do, we just can't help it. Seems we are programmed to do it. Whether its through genetics or society, temptation is everywhere but it's how different sexes react to flirtation that determines the effect it will have. On the next "Voices in the Family", join Dr. Dan Gottlieb as he and his guests discuss why we flirt and what it means.

Our guests are:

-Dr. Kathleen Gounaris (MBA, PhD) is a clinical psychologist who works with business executives.

-Faye Flam is a science writer for the Philadelphia Inquirer and author of "The Score: How the Quest for Sex Has Shaped the Modern Man"

-Dr. John E. Lydon is a professor of Psychology at McGill University in Montreal, and is the author of a new study on flirtation that we will discuss.


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When families decide to adopt a child, they are faced with many challenges and options - domestic or international adoption, open or closed? The process can be an emotional roller coaster, and once the child is finally in the home, the journey is only beginning.

We'll hear excerpts from a recent panel discussion on adoption. It was part of our "In the Spirit of Family" discussion series, presented by WHYY's Children's Service. Dan Gottlieb's guests were Maxine Chalker and Gloria Hochman. Chalker is a social worker and Founder and Executive Director of Adoptions from the Heart, Gloria Hochman is Director of Communications for the National Adoption Center. We'll also hear from Alex Gaylon. He set out to find his birth mother, and turned his story into a documentary called "Lucky Boy" which got thousands of hits on youtube, and won several prizes.

Sport Psychology

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At only 23, USA's star swimmer, Michael Phelps is on top of the world. After striking gold over ten times, he is on the path to becoming one of the greatest swimmers of all-time. But, how do athletes like Phelps deal with the overwhelming pressures to be the best? And, what about when his career is over? On the next Voices in the Family, Dan Gottlieb and his guests will discuss the anxiety athletes face during their career and life after the game.

Dan's guests are Dr. David Baron, professor and chair of the Dept. of Psychiatry at Temple University School of Medicine. He is a certified Doping Control Officer and Sport MRO and consults with youth, high school, college, Olympic, and professional athletes and teams, and Dr. Joel Fish with the Center for Sport Psychology. Dan will also talk to fmr. NFL player, Carlos Bradley who played for the San Diego Chargers and the Philadelphia Eagles.

School Anxiety

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It's back-to-school time once again and the stores are stocked with school supplies. For many kids this is a time of enthusiasm and excitement, but for many others, the thought of school causes excessive worrying about making the grade, the team and of course fitting in. On the next Voices in the Family, Dan talks about school anxiety, who is likely to have it and why, and what you can do to help your child overcome it. Dan's guests are Dr. Gene Cash President of the National Association of School Psychologists and Faculty Member at Center for Psychology Studies at NOVA Southern University in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and Diane Peters Mayer, MSW, author of Overcoming School Anxiety: How to Help Your Child Deal With Separation, Tests, Homework, Bullies, Math Phobia, and Other Worries.