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Voices In The Family

June 2007

Ambivalence Around Motherhood

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More and more women in the US are postponing childbirth until later in life. Some say they want to develop their careers before having children, but others admit that they simply can't make up their minds about having children. We'll discuss ambivalence around motherhood; how and when women make decide to have children, or not, and how this decision affects their lives. Please call in with your comment or story at 1-888-477-9499. Our guest is journalist and author Rebecca Walker, author of "Baby Love". We'll also be joined by Carol Brockman, Gestalt Therapist in private practice

Father's Day

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What would you like to tell your father? To ask him, discuss with him? Join Dan Gottlieb and Maiken Scott for an open show, when we'll talk about fatherhood, and relationships with our fathers. Would you like to deepen your connection, or bring up a difficult topic? Tune in and call in at 1-888-477-9499.

Multi-Racial Families

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This summer marks the 40th anniversary of Loving v. Virginia, the Supreme Court decision that legalized interracial marriages in the United States. Dan Gottlieb and his guests will take a look at multi-racial families; what makes them unique, the challenges they face, and what has changed in the last 40 years. We'll be joined by Kelley and Mark Kenney, and Jungmiwha Bullock. Dr. Kelley Kenney is professor of counseling at Kutztown University, and a licensed counselor. Mark Kenney is an adjunct faculty member at the graduate program Chestnut Hill College. Together, they have a training and consulting business called Rainbow Support Network. Bulock is the president of the Association of MultiEthnic Americans (AMEA) and the coordinator for the Loving Decision Conference 2007.

Doctor-Patient Relationships

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A story can teach many lessons, and listening to another person's story can offer powerful insights into their lives. Our guests are John Castaldo and Lawrence Levitt, two neurologists from Lehigh Valley Hospital who have written "The Man with the Iron Tattoo: What our Patients have taught us about Love, Faith, Forgiveness and Healing". This is a book of stories about their patients; stories that helped them be better doctors, to be more caring, and to understand what healing means. We'll also be joined by Herbert Adler, Professor of Psychiatry and Family Medicine at Jefferson University who studies the physical effects of the doctor-patient relationship.