91FM special reports -- Suburban Sprawl

Each year there's less open space in the Delaware Valley, and more homes, businesses, roads and strip malls. 91FM news took an in-depth look at suburban sprawl in a series of reports on Morning Edition and Radio Times. To listen to these reports with RealAudio, just click on the link for each story.
(Don't have a RealPlayer? Download one for free from RealNetworks.)

The stories...

Julia Barton talks to residents and city & environmental officials about urban flight. [Listen]

Andrew Nason outlines recent state and local government actions for dealing with sprawl in Delaware and - in Jersey - Eugene Sonn talks with the group Sprawl Busters about a proposed sewer line extension and with an architect who sees sprawl as the way we now build "the new cities". [Listen] [Read the transcript]

Martin Wells speaks with Kim Koon, the governor's point man on sprawl, and Pennsylvania Environmental Council President Andrew McElwaine. [Listen]

Bill Fantini looks at transportation issues in discussion with commuters, Septa, PenDOT, and the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission. [Listen] [Read the transcript]

Martin Wells talks with developer and Natural Lands Trust Chairman Peter Hausman. [Listen]

Peter Clowney presents brief primer on sprawl and historic preservation. [Listen]

Justin Gilken presents piece on Mt Airy residents reflecting on urban non-flight in their neighborhood. [Listen]

Radio Times program on suburban sprawl (8/6/99) [Listen]

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