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Welcome! For more than 55 years, WHYY has provided news and information programming to New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware.

WHYY-FM listening area
WHYY-FM's broadcast coverage now extends from Princeton to Cape May and from Camden to the shore, thanks to the addition of five former NJN radio stations.

WNJZ-FM, 90.3, Cape May Court House
WNJM-FM, 89.9, Manahawkin
WNJN-FM, 89.7, Atlantic City
WNJB-FM, 89.3, Bridgeton
WNJS-FM, 88.1, Berlin

New Jersey news on WHYY
WHYY's news staff has lots of experience in New Jersey. Our reporters routinely cover civic and cultural affairs, and Phil Gregory reports daily from the WHYY New Jersey desk in Trenton. New Jersey issues are also discussed in detail on WHYY-FM's Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane (weekdays from 10 a.m. to noon) and on NewsWorks Tonight (weekdays from 6 to 6:30 p.m.)., WHYY's online home for news and civic dialogue, has a section devoted to New Jersey with news, blogs, videos and updates from partner organizations, including NJ Spotlight. Plus, there's plenty of room for comments and questions.

WHYY listens to you
Here's a report on three community forums WHYY recently held to get feedback on our news coverage in the Garden State.

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