Marking PA HistoryMoving Markers into the 21st Century

The Second World War had just ended. Liberty had been defended and preserved. Philadelphia, long known for its industrial might ("The Arsenal of Democracy") was beginning to reawaken as a center of history ("the Cradle of Liberty"). From Valley Forge to Independence Hall, there was plenty of history to mark in a statewide program of cast aluminum, atop blue stanchions.

More than fifty years later, this marker program has peppered the state with 2,000 chapters from the past. Now, this 19th-century technology is being catapulted into the 21st century with a new website, ExplorePAhistory. Thanks to technology and vision in how to apply it, the too-brief words on the markers themselves will tell more and reach farther than ever before. [Read more...]

Joel Rose, Producer and Editor
Viet Le, Rachael Berenguer and Jennifer Lynn, Associate Producers
Elisabeth Perez-Luna, Executive Producer
Kenneth Finkel, Executive Director, Arts & Culture Service

Funding was provided by The William Penn Foundation.

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Marking Pennsylvania History

Featured Marker:
Tomorrow in Harrisburg, First Lady Marjorie Rendell will help launch a new web site devoted to Pennsylvania history. While the project presents history in the virtual world of the web, at its heart are real places - nearly 400 of them in the Philadelphia region - that are celebrated with blue-and-gold historical markers. WHYY's Joel Rose has the first in our year-long series of reports on these reminders of the past, and the stories they can only begin to tell. [Listen]

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