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November 2009


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The history of Gourmet Magazine
Ruth Reichl talks about the people, influence, and history of Gourmet Magazine. Its final issue is on stands now. We'll also take a look at a pregnant mom's influence on the taste buds of her child. Then we'll go to a famous London market to buy beef. Later, saving our water resources and cooking tips for delicious vegan menus. Plus, what do you think the animals are saying?

Caption: Ruth Reichl, from Gourmet Magazine.

This week's featured recipe:
Spiced Chicken

Caption: Here's the 1983 Cuisine magazine cover that inspired Ruth Reichl as Gourmet editor. Hear how in our interview with Reichl.

This week's featured books:

Today's Gourmet
by Ruth Reichl

Unquenchable: America's Water Crisis and What To Do About It
by Robert Glennon

Beef: And Other Bovine Matters
by John Torode

The Concious Cook
by Tal Ronnen

Animal Talk: Breaking the Codes of Animal Language
by Tim Friend



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How far does your food travel?
Got a lot of frequent flyer miles? Guess what, probably not as much as your food does! Today, the average meal travels thousands of miles to our table. On today's show we're talking transportation... from our food to our personal travels. We begin with shipping containers and our moveable feast. A couple talks about their year eating locally. Later we take a train ride in India. We'll also talk to a neuroscientist about the tricks of memory and Proust's famous madeleines. Plus potluck pointers, Jessica Harris on the ferry rides of her childhood, and a cab driver's memoir.

This week's featured recipe:
Whole Roasted Organic Chicken with Plums with a Natural Pan Glaze

This week's featured books:

Moveable Feasts: From Ancient Rome To The 21st Century
by Sarah Murray

Hack: How I Stopped Worrying About What To Do With My Life And Started Driving A Yellow Cab
by Melissa Plaut

Crowd Pleasing Potluck
by Francine Halvorsen

Eating India: An Odyssey Into The Food And Culture Of The Land Of Spices
by Chitra Banerji

Proust Was A Neuroscientist
by Jonah Lehrer

Plenty: One Man, One Woman And A Raucous Year Of Eating Locally
by Alisa Smith and J.B. Mackinnon

The Martha's Vineyard Table
by Jessica Harris



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Thanksgiving: we've got you covered
Thanksgiving is such a warm, inviting holiday with food, family and friends. But, before the big day getting organized is on our minds! And, if you've got a vegan on the guest list... we've got you covered. Chef Rich Landau from the acclaimed vegan restaurant, Horizons, offers festive dishes without the eggs, butter, meat or honey. Celebrity Chef Paula Deen's sons talk about their early years and growing a successful family business. Find out why Ruth Reichl's household is a two gravy house. Our beverage expert, Maureen Petrosky, pours the perfect glass. Plus, Lebanese cuisine for Thanksgiving, getting over the fear of entertaining, scores of recipes for the big day and more.

This week's featured recipe:
Apricot and Herb Stuffing

This week's featured books:

Classic Lebanese Cuisine
by Kamal al Faqih

Gourmet Today
edited by Ruth Reichl

Think Confident Be Confident
by Leslie Sokol and Marci Fox

The Wine Club
by Maureen Petrosky

The Deen Bros. Take It Easy: Quick and Affordable Meals the Whole Family Will Love
by Bobby and Jamie Deen

The History of the Kensington Soup Society
by Kenneth Milano

Horizons: New Vegan Cuisine
by Rich Landau

Food Lover's Guide to NYC
by Mike Colameco



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Must-have holiday dishes
What dishes HAVE to be on the holiday table? There are some flavors that are so much a part of our holiday spirit, they have come to define us. For playwright Eduardo Machado, it's Cuban Roast Pork. For Michelle Bernstein it's a family chicken soup recipe.... from Argentina. We'll also discover some slightly unusual holiday beer traditions. And for some, it isn't the holidays without uncorking champagne. We'll hear about a biography of the remarkable woman who brought champagne to the world, and invented the system of riddling. Plus, the New African American kitchen begins with history and Thomas Keller on a novel way to cook.

Photo Credit: From the Wikipedia page Sparkling Wine Production

This week's featured recipes:
Roquefort Crusted Beef Tenderloin with Caramelized Onion and Mixed Greens

This week's featured books:

The Flavor Bible
by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg

Sous Vide
by Thomas Keller

Widow Cliquot
by Tilar Mazzeo

The Kitchen Diva
by Angela Medearis

Cuisine a Lataina
by Michelle Bernstein

Tastes Like Cuba
by Eduardo Machado

Christmas Beer
by Don Russell



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