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November 2008


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Some call it the difference between Venice and Mars. For one married man, it's all about sex, love and dirty dishes. On the next Chef's Table, we're having some fun with the battle of the sexes. Judith Jones weighs in on men in the kitchen. Plus, where would the martini be without it? How would you pass hor's douvres? No to mention, every diner in America offers them at the cash register -- we'll hear about the history of the toothpick. But, we'll also get a little serious and talk to Michael Pollen about his acclaimed book, "The Omnivore's Dilemma." Plus meatballs, sushi, and much more.

This week's featured recipe:
Mozzarella Stuffed Meatballs

This week's featured books:

The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollen

The Toothpick: History And Culture by Henry Petrosky

Two Meatballs In The Italian Kitchen by Pino Luongo and Mark Strausman

Zen of Fish by Trevor Corson

A Great American Cook by Jonathan Waxman

The Tenth Muse: My Life In Food by Judith Jones

Husbandry Sex, Love And Dirty Laundry - Inside The Minds Of Married Men by Stephen Fried



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No question beef is an iconic American food... from big burgers to thick, luscious steaks. How did we go from the big cattle drive of the West to corn fed agribusiness... and now back again to the resurgence of grass fed? In her book, Raising Steaks, food writer Betty Fussel takes us through the life and times of American beef. Later, Jennifer McLagan helps us "chew the fat" about beef fat... and what she has to say will surprise you. We'll talk to a first generation Australian-Italian chef, and Alexander Lobrano reveals some advice for dining in Paris. Plus, Marion Nestle weighs in on the pet food scandal... how we got there and what we can do about it.

This week's featured recipes:
Liver (Taste Like Chicken) Pate

Homemade Dog Biscuits

This week's featured books:

Raising Steaks: The Life And Times of American Beef by Betty Fussel

Fat: An Appreciation Of A Misunderstood Ingredient by Jennifer McLagan

Everyone Eats Lunch by Cricket Azima

Hungry For Paris: The Ultimate Guide To The City's 102 Best Restaurants by Alexander Lobrano

A Baker's Odyssey by Greg Patent

Pet Food Politics: The Chihuahua In The Coal Mine by Marion Nestle



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Everyone's talking about the impact of globalization on the economy these days. But what happens when businesses stay small - or go as far as creating their own local economy? Discover a small community working to keep their dollars circulating within. Wendy Born, co-owner of Metropolitan Bakery, also reveals today's small business challenges. Plus, legendary Chef Mark Vetri stops by to take us on his culinary journey. And, just in time for the holidays... kids etiquette... it's never too young to start! Plus, Dr. Nancy Snyderman with some health tips and spirited gifts from your kitchen.

Don't forget to visit WHYY's Arts and Culture Blog The Sixth Square and tell us "Whatcha gonna do with all those leftovers?" Give us your suggestions for dealing with the inevitable let down and too many leftovers?

This week's featured recipes:
Freshly Dug Potato and Mushroom Soup
Pappardelle with Bluefin Tuna and Oregano

This week's featured books:

Il Viaggio Di Vetri: A Culinary Journey by Mark Vetri

Medical Myths That Can Kill You: And the 101 Truths That Will Save, Extend, and Improve Your Life by Dr. Nancy Snyderman

Dr. Nancy Snyderman's website recommendations:

I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence by Amy Sedaris

Elements of the Table by Lynn Rosen

Luscious Liqueurs: Recipes for Homemade Liqueurs by A.J. Rathbun

Check out specialtybottle.com where you'll find a large selection of bottles, jars and tins.

Small Is Possible: Life in a Local Economy by Lyle Estill

The Metropolitan Bakery Cookbook by Wendy Born



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It's Thanksgiving crunch time... better start prepping! On today's show, Chef Coleman gives you his timeline to make the day a little easier. We'll also discover some new twists borrowed from other cultures and find the ultimate dining spot... right where the food grows. Later, a way to share meals throughout the year. Marnie Old and Sam Calagione feud over wine vs. beer. Also, the secret of great giblet gravy, the history of squash, and how vegans survive the holiday. And, a poet on his odes to food.

This week's featured recipe:
Tuaca-laced Dried Cherry and Cornbread Stuffing

Check out A Chef's Table's Therese Madden's photos from her Outstanding in the Field Dinner at Eckerton Farm in Hamburg Pennsylvania.

This week's featured books:

Silver Palate Cookbook, Ten: All the Foods We Love
by Sheila Lukins

He Said Beer, She Said Wine
by Sam Sam Calagione and Marnie Old

Heirloom: Notes From An Accidental Tomato Farmer
by Tim Stark

Outstanding In The Field: A Farm to Table Cookbook
by Jim Denevan

660 Curries
by Raghavan Iyer

Sauces: Classical And Contemporary Sauce Making
by James Peterson

Dinner At Your Door: Tips And Recipes For Starting A Neighborhood Cooking Co-Op
by Alex Davis, Andy Remeis, Diana Ellis

by Ken Druse

Dear Darkness
by Kevin Young



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Want to have more fun and less stress in the kitchen? We've got some ideas! Learn the art of potluck. Also, how to include the kids when you entertain. Mark Bittman tells everything about vegetarian meals. Later, our nutritionist gives you advice on what to do when you over-do. And our sommelier, Maureen Petrosky, offers a great no-fat dessert. Plus Chef Tom Douglas on cooking Seattle style at home, and we'll play the last supper chef game.

This week's featured recipe:
Deep Dish Cheeseburger Pizza

This week's featured books:

My Last Supper
by Melanie Dunea

Kitchen Playdates
by Lauren Deen Banks

Foie Gras: A Passion
by Michael Ginor

How To Cook Everything Vegetarian
by Mark Bittman

Crowd Pleasing Potluck
by Francine Halvorsen

The Wine Club: A Month By Month Guide To Learning About Wine With Friends
by Maureen Petrosky

Tom's Big Dinners, Seattle Kitchen, and
I Love Crab Cakes
by Tom Douglas


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