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May 2008


The clocks have changed, hopefully, the closets are cleaned, and we're all waiting for the first taste of summer produce. Today we salute spring and the fresh fruits and vegetables to come. Vietnamese Cuisine is known for it's robust and flavorful use of vegetables so we'll start there. We'll get some advice on creating an outdoor kitchen and discover some quick fix picnics. Learn how to start a raised vegetable garden with Katharine Whiteside. Plus thinking like a thin person, easy tofu recipes, lightening up southern cuisine and much more.

This week's featured recipes:
Chocolate Tofu Pie

This week's featured books:

Into the Vietnamese Kitchen: Treasured Foodways, Modern Flavors by Andrea Nguyen

Sara Foster's Casual Cooking by Sara Foser

The Way We Garden Now by Katherine Whiteside

The New Outdoor Kitchen by Deborah Krasner

The Beck Diet Solution by Dr. Judith Beck

Quick Fix Meals by Robin Miller

Tofu 1-2-3 by Maribeth Abrams

The Brewmaster's Table by Garrett Oliver


Audio for this program is not available.

There's new fangle, new world, tech savvy... and then there's old school, oldways and tradition. Today's show brings us both! We'll find out how science and technology are becoming a part of the dining experience. Then we'll talk to to a blogger who cooked her way through Julia Child's recipes - and got a book and movie deal out of it! Then, if your kids are definitely picky eaters we'll take the oldest page out of the parenting book - get sneaky. Plus the boning up on water, the globalization of sushi, a field guide to seafood and much more!

This week's featured recipes:
Almond Walnut Crusted Red Snapper with Ginger Mustard Sauce

This week's featured books:

The Sushi Economy, by Sasha Issenberg

What to Drink with What you Eat, by Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page

The Oldways Table, by Sara Baer Sinnot and Dun Gifford

The Field Guide to Seafood, by Aliza Green

Julie and Julia: 365 Days, 524 Recipes, 1 Tiny Apartment Kitchen, by Julie Powell

I'm Not the New Me and "The Amazing Mackerel Pudding Plan, by Wendy McClure

The Sneaky Chef: Simple Strategies for Hiding Healthy Foods in Kid's Favorite Meals, by Missy Chase Lapin



Food fight...no not really! But we are taking a look at competition in the kitchen. We'll visit with a physician who took his hobby cooking to the finals in a recipe contest. Then visit with a sociologist who has some insight into those family kitchen squabbles. Later in the show we'll meet 26 unusual characters... they all came from tossed away grocery lists and one woman's imagination. Serve up Jim Coleman's favorite mackerel recipe and discover why it is the most ecologically sound fish to serve. Also sommelier Marnie Old and brewmaster Sam Calgione on why "He Said Beer; She Said Wine" and how to change up those beverage pairings. The world's largest fishcake, plus much more!

This week's featured recipes:
Maple Basted Grilled Mackerel

This week's featured books:

He Said Beer; She Said Wine by Marnie Old and Sam Galagione

Making Up With Mom: Why Mothers and Daughters Disagree About Kids, Careers and Casseroles (and What to do About It) by Julie Halpert and Dr. Deborah Carr

Bottom Feeder by Taras Grescoe

A La Carte: The Secret Life of Grocery Shoppers by Hillary Carlip

Hillary Carlip as her shoppers Lloyd, Pammy and Darcy



It's the beginning of the summer season and we're all thinking of places to visit. Here at Chef's Table our informal survey shows most people would choose a trip to Disney World over a trip to the moon. But, we thought we'd take a look at a few more destinations. First up, Southern Italy with Nancy Harmon Jenkins. Then onto the Arabian Peninsula, and later... Mauritius. Closer to home we talk about the Hamptons with the founder of it's unique paper, "Dan's Papers." And if you always wanted to dine in Paris, Alexander Lobrano gives you everything you need to know for a perfect meal. Our sommelier, Maureen Petrosky offers tips for cooking with wine. Plus, Phil Roy brings us an unusual way to mix food and music.

Hear Phil Roy's food song, Mustard Crust.
To find out more about Phil Roy's dinners and CD release visit philroy.com

This week's featured recipe:
Fennel- and Coriander-Spiced Salmon Fillets

This week's featured books:

Cucina Del Sole by Nancy Harmon Jenkins

Arabian Delights; Recipes & Princely Entertaining Ideas from the Arabian Peninsula by Amy Riolo

Hungry For Paris: The Ultimate Guide To The City's 102 Best Restaurants by Alexander Lobrano

In The Hamptons: My Fifty Years With Farmers, Fishermen, Artists, Billionaires, And Celebrities by Dan Rattiner

The Wine Club: A Month By Month Guide To Learning About Wine With Friends by Maureen Petrosky

Panini Express by Daniel Leader

Tropical Latitudes by Dominique Macquet



Food is transporting... you can go to new places or back in time to another generation. On today's show we're all about finding the personal meaning of different cusines. Greg Patent takes us on a "Baker's Odyssey," exploring generations-old recipes from immigrant families. We look at two fiction books that use food as a way to describe characters and place. Food maven Arthur Schwartz on the cuisine of his childhood. Also, a fainting goat and Texas Honey and a look at some endangered foods with Gary Paul Nabhan. Plus much more...

Fight or Faint?
A fainting goat on R Fainting Farm in Mobile, Alabama. Photographer Sharon Reeves of R Fainting Farm. From the book, Renewing America's Food Traditions: Saving and Savoring the Continent's Most Endangered Foods by Gary Paul Nabhan

View how to make perfect pie crust and more with Greg Patent

This week's featured books:

Renewing America's Food Traditions: Saving and Savoring the Continent's Most Endangered Foods Edited by Gary Nabhan

Meat: A Love Story by Susan Bourette

The Day I Ate Whatever I Wanted by Elizabeth Berg

Rosewater and Soda Bread by Marsha Mehran

A Baker's Odyssey: Celebrating The Time-Honored Recipes From America's Rich Heritage by Greg Patent

Jewish Home Cooking by Arthur Schwartz

The Organic Food Shoppers Guide by Jeff Cox




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