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May 2003

Eat your carrots, clean your plate and don't forget to brush your teeth - we're celebrating Mothers' Day on A Chef's Table. We'll find out why we celebrate this special day, and what it means for the restaurant industry. We'll also hear from mother - daughter team Rita and Gilda Doganiero who run a successful biscotti business. Later on in the show, chef Jim Coleman will talk with a Latin chef who's been called the "Prince of the Barrio", Aaron Sanchez. Aaron is a third-generation cookbook author, and has learned a lot from his mother and grandmother. His new book is "La Comida Del Barrio."

One of the joys of traveling is trying new foods. We'll go on a culinary excursion and talk with three international chefs. Irish chef Darina Allen inspires us with a fresh take on fresh vegetables. She is a cooking teacher and author of " The Ballymaloe Cooking School Cookbook." Then we'll explore the different cuisines of Asia with Corinne Trang, her latest book is "Essentials of Asian Cuisine." Later on the show, English chef Cyrus Todiwala introduces us to the food of the Parsi community. His new book is "Cafe Spice Namaste."

When you get ready to make dinner, how many ingredients do you usually have piled up around your cutting board? At least five or six, right? So what if you could make a delicious meal with just three ingredients not counting salt and pepper? We'll take the 1,2,3 challenge with New York chef and author Rozanne Gold. Her three-ingredient cookbooks have inspired chefs and home cooks alike to make more with less! We'll also ask some other chefs to give this three-ingredient philosophy a shot and see what they come up with. Later on the show, we'll cook up some burgers with Liz Singh she has written "The Great Big Burger Book."

A dinner and a movie is a great recipe for a date - and the way food is portrayed in movies these days, you can really build up an appetite in the theater! We'll find out how food got to take the main stage and talk about some memorable food scenes. Jim Coleman's guest is Philadelphia Inquirer film critic Carrie Ricky. Later on the show, we'll hear from successful Los Angeles restaurateur Pierro Salvaggio, who makes sure our movie stars are well fed. Finally, we'll switch art forms - and catch up with a retired ballet dancer who is now a chef. Linda Hymes will join us to discuss her new book "The Dancing Gourmet."

Every night, on dinner tables across Europe, you'll find a bottle of wine. Across the Pond, pairing wine and food seems to come effortlessly and naturally. So why do Americans find it such a chore to make a match? We'll take the mystery out of pairing wine with food with Master Sommelier Andrea Immer - she'll explain her "Great Wine Made Simple Concept." Then we'll go straight to the source and talk to some winemakers. Later in the show we'll hear about a new memoir, Return to Paris. Author Colette Rossant describes her adolescence in post-war Paris, where she became fascinated with markets, food, and cooking. Later on, we'll visit with a couple who makes gelato from scratch just like they do in Italy.

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