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July 2004

How Can I Help?
Host Marty Goldensohn asks that question and it takes us to carpenters fixing houses for free, librarians defending the Constitution and video store clerks who have taken customer service to a high art. Plus, the ultimate civil servant, Joseph Califano, Jr.---once a Pentagon whiz kid, then a lawyer fighting First Amendment cases, then a Cabinet member of HEW---he now helps people nation-wide escape addiction. From telephone operators to Washington insiders, we find out "how can I help?" All that and more in this edition of Been There / Done That.

Links of the Week:

  • Joseph Califano is the chairman and president of Natl Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University. Their website is www.casacolumbia.org.
  • Marty stumbled upon "Rebuilding Together," a national organization that rehabilitates low-income houses. They're always looking for volunteers at www.rebuildingtogether.org
  • TLA Video has a website at www.tlavideo.com.


On the Move
Mobility isn't in the Constitution, but Americans insist on it anyway. This week, we explore the history of transportation -- who was the first man (and his dog) to cross the country in a car? We explode myths about the ease of social mobility with Alfred Lubrano's story of living in "Limbo." Plus, a modern-day trucker talks to us from the road; a travel writer shares his world view; and Elizabeth Streb's dance troupe defies gravity. All that and more in this edition of Been There / Done That.

Links of the Week:

  • Janet Davidson is a historian and curator for the Smithsonian's "America on the Move" exhibit. View the exhibit online.
  • Trucker Dave "Dallas" Winthrow keeps his on-the-road stories at his website.
  • Jason Wilson is series editor of "The Best American Travel Writing" with Ian Frazier, who is guest editor for the 2003 edition. For more information and excerpts from the book, visit Houghton Mifflin's website.
  • Neighborhood Bike Works runs Philadelphia's Bike Church.
  • Alfred Lubrano is a reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer and wrote "Limbo: Blue-Collar Roots, White-Collar Dreams," which is published by Wiley.
  • Elizabeth Streb welcomes visitors to her studio in Brooklyn, where she also offers classes in pop action to the public. Visit the Streb/Ringside website for more information.


Strings Attached
Nearly everything in life has strings attached. To keep our jobs, we hold our tongues; to hold on to love, we keep a hundred promises. This week, host Marty Goldensohn examines this tapestry of life. He talks to journalist Bob Schieffer about forging a rewarding career in a field rife with politics. Neurologist Tim Pedley explains how doctors can remain independent amid drug company perks and junkets. Plus, we find out what tugs at the hearts of political exiles. We also pull some actual strings on a tour of the Martin Guitar Company and learn how pilots snag cables to land Air Force jets on carriers. All that and more in this edition of Been There / Done That.

Read Sri Rao's commentary "Strings Attached."

Links of the Week:

  • Art Caplan directs the Center for Bioethics at the University of Pennsylvania.
  • Bob Schieffer's new book is "This Just In: What I Couldn't Tell You on TV."
  • Dr. Tim Pedley is Chairman of the Department of Neurology at Columbia University.
  • More information about "Martin Guitar Masterpieces" is available from the publisher's website.
  • Fernando Chang-Muy teaches at the University of Pennsylvania School of Law.


Trivial Pursuits
Host Marty Goldensohn examines our trivial pursuits to show just how important they can be. We find out why even adults need to play; how comics can be a passion and important artform; and how three obsessed birders can scour North America for a year competing to identify the ordinary and the rare. We also chase cars throughout film history; visit a neighborhood hobby shop; and stalk the perfect burger. These trivial matters and more in this edition of Been There / Done That.

Links of the Week:

  • Arlen Schumer wrote The Silver Age of Comic Book Art
  • "The Big Year: A Tale of Man, Nature, and Fowl Obsession" is Mark Obmascik's story of a non-stop birdwatching marathon.
  • Carrie Rickey reviews movies for the Philadelphia Inquirer.
  • Ed Levine's best burger picks:
    - Prime Burger (Manhattan, NYC)
    - Peter Luger's Steakhouse (Brooklyn, NYC)
    - Campanile (Los Angeles)
    - Red Mill (Seattle)
    - Winstead's (Kansas City)


Beat The Clock
Whether you're racing to catch the train, searching for a moment to relax, or planning to extend your life for years beyond, we all want more time. This week, host Marty Goldensohn learns about a new drug that will keep us awake for over a week; a modern day Noah's Ark that will freeze thousands of lucky, rich souls; and how cattle shaped the Western calendar. We'll also talk to a scientist about whether Hollywood gets time travel right; and to a chef about how to get our steak and potatoes on the table at the same time. Plus, Morton Feldman's six-hour string quartet composition....abbreviated. All that and more in this edition of Been There / Done That.

Links of the Week:



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