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December 2003

Save It or Lose It: Are We Preservationists or Packrats? What We Keep and Why.
We hold onto things for dear life -- books, photos, buildings, money. Host Marty Goldensohn explores salvage and stockpiling with novelist Nicholson Baker, who's crusading to save America's newspaper archives; and architect George Thomas, who failed to rescue the historic Traymore Hotel in Atlantic City. We also hear the story of the infamous Collyer Brothers and their Harlem brownstone filled with 120 tons of stuff. Our money guru warns we're not banking enough for retirement; and cellphone camera users may be amassing too much. Plus, Marty preserves quinces with his mom. All that and more on this edition of Been There / Done That.

Links of the Week:

  • Betty Goldensohn's Quince Jam recipe.
  • Kelly Chessen is a crisis counselor at Drive Savers in California.
  • George Thomas spoke about architect William Price and the Traymore Hotel. For more information about this often-overlooked architect, check out Thomas' book, "William L. Price: Arts and Crafts to Modern Design."
  • Connie Kilmark is our financial guru and director of Kilmark & Associates of Madison, Wisconsin. For more help growing your nest egg, Connie recommends these websites: The American Savings Education Council and ChooseToSave.org.
  • Nicholson Baker is the author of "Double Fold: Libraries and the Assault on Paper." For a review and interview, check out The Atlantic Online.


What, Me Worry? High Anxiety Revisited
Host Marty Goldensohn explores "high anxiety" from Dr. Strangelove's doomsday worries to ways of dealing with mood and anxiety disorders. Also, Josh Piven, author of "Worst Case Scenario," offers advice on dealing with hungry bears and escaping from almost anywhere. Plus, paper clips as therapy, paying for college, and the history of Mad Magazine's "What, Me Worry" attitude. All that and much more in this archive edition of Been There / Done That.

Links of the Week:

  • Anxiety can be a serious disorder. It's important to distinguish between average worrying and debilitating anxiety . If you would like to learn more about Anxiety Disorder go to sites like http://www.adaa.org/ or http://www.nimh.nih.gov/anxiety/anxiety.cfm
  • From the looks of things inventor Al Jaffee and co-editor Nick Meglin--who have been with Mad Magazine for over 40 years now--have nothing to worry about. To see the fruits of their labor visit http://www.madmag.com

Books of the Week

  • Joe Piven "Worst Case Scenario"
  • Henry Petroski "Paper Boy, Confessions of a Future Engineer"
  • Kal Chaney "Paying for College Without Going Broke"


Holiday Song and Dance
An hour of song and dance. We'll celebrate elevator music and sample some of Muzak's sweetest sounds. Also, Tom Moon on the best of Bonnie Raitt, an evening at the Cabaret and why vinyl records still rock. Plus, how La Traviata is like real life and Hollywood's twisted view of classical musicians. All that and more on this archive edition of Been There / Done That.


How do we get through life's journeys without a map? We use rituals to help mark time -- from saying grace, to giving last rites. This week on BEEN THERE/DONE THAT, Marty Goldensohn explores passages and how we travel them. Adam Nicholson talks about how 50 men wrote the passages of the King James Bible -- it's the Manhattan Project of Jacobean times. Dr. Daniel Rader reveals new tests to measure heart health. Plus, helping parents through their final days; journeying to a foreign country to discover home; and vacationing at the other end of a tunnel. Also, John Diliberto introduces us to Sami singer, Mari Boine. She travels far to return to traditional music. All that and more on this archive edition of Been There / Done That.

Links of the Week:




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