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October 2003

Atlantic City - Is the Aging Bathing Beauty Set for a Comeback?
With its five-mile Boardwalk, Steel Pier, broad beaches, and casinos, Atlantic City is where America first learned to take a vacation. Host Marty Goldensohn goes down the shore this week to explore the city's rich history and its much-debated future. He tries his luck at the first new casino in 12 years -- the Borgata, which is beckoning a new generation of vacationers with its upscale restaurants and spa. Former mayor Jim Whelan surveys the political landscape, while a trip to a soup kitchen across the street tells another story. Plus, a night out at Bally's long-running Legends show featuring Gloria Estefan, Ray Charles and Elvis...every day of the week! We celebrate the city's glorious past, consider today's realities, and wonder what it is that keeps us coming back to the World's Playground. All that and more on this edition of Been There/Done That.

Links for this week:

  • The Borgata Hotel, Casino, and Spa is the newest Atlantic City casino.
  • Allen "Boo" Pergament is curator at the Atlantic County Historical Society.
  • George Thomas spoke about architect William Price and the Traymore Hotel. For more information about this often overlooked architect, check out Thomas' book: "William L. Price: Arts and Crafts to Modern Design"
  • Visit today's Steel Pier.
  • Jonathan Van Meter's latest book is "The Last Good Time: Skinny D'Amato, the Notorious 500 Club, and the Rise and Fall of Atlantic City"
  • Marty spoke with some of the performers of Bally's Legends in Concert.
  • Marty visited Jean Webster at the Victory First Presbyterian Church Soup Kitchen.
  • John Timpaine is commentary page editor for The Philadelphia Inquirer.


Longshots -- From Hoop Dreams to the Galileo Space Probe, People Who Take a Risky Leap at Life
We've got our money on the longshots. Whether it's shooting a million-dollar free throw from half-court or winning a MacArthur genius award, host Marty Goldensohn finds out what it's like to pull through with the odds stacked against you. Sportswriter Bert Sugar gives us the point spread, while psychologist Frank Farley probes the risk-taking psyche. We also get a history lesson about the rifle; a tour of deep space; and a warning about quitting your day job. Plus, music critic John Diliberto charts the extended life of tubular bells. All that and more on this edition of Been There/Done That.

Links for this week:


Borders And Boundaries: Invading Species, Uniforms, Regional English, And Office Cubicles
Host Marty Goldensohn explores the borders all around us: the alien species invasion (feral pigs and zebra mussels), the evolution of those flimsy office cubicles, and maps of mythical places. Also, how uniforms define who we are, the "P" volume of the Dictionary of American Regional Engish and Herbie Hancock's musical crossovers.

Links for this week:


Get Real! -- From Synthetic Diamonds To The Many Faces Of Richard Nixon, What's The Real Deal?
There "ain't nothin' like the real thing"-- til you check out the fakes. Host Marty Goldensohn talks to journalist Josh Davis and learns how lab-made diamonds might soon threaten the gem industry and outrace the silicon computer chip. We get a new take on Richard Nixon -- woeful media victim or first political media spinmaster? Also, indie jazz band Gutbucket spills its guts; and new real estate owners share their woes. Plus, Marty goes to Julliard to learn how to get real and act better. All that and more on this edition of Been There / Done That.

Links for this week:

  • Professor William Ian Miller teaches law at the University of Michigan Law School. He's author of "Faking It."
  • David Greenberg is author of "Nixon's Shadow: The History of an Image." He also writes the History Lesson column for Slate online magazine and teaches history and political science at Yale.
  • Lari Robling is author of "Endangered Recipes: Too Good to Be True" (Oct 2003). You can find recipes and more information about the book on her website. She's also a producer of WHYY's A Chef's Table with Jim Coleman.
  • Joshua Davis wrote about manufactured diamonds for Wired Magazine. You can read the article and others by Davis at his website.
  • Read about and hear lots of music from Gutbucket at their website.




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