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July 2003

Encore Presentation: The Unknown - Magicians, Anti-aging Cures and the Deep Sea
Host Marty Goldensohn investigates the secret of "The Turk," the famous 18th century chess-playing machine; looks for the truth behind the Sasquatch and little green men with Father Fanthorpe, (researcher of all things paranormal); and cracks the myths behind modern anti-aging cures. A visit with a woman who hears colors, and remodeling your house.


By Design -- How to Build A 40-Room Concrete Mansion... Or Maybe, A Lamp Out of a Used Mcdonald's Cup; Sci-Fi Writers Examine Their Craft; and The Virtues of Designing Your Children
Build we must. Host Marty Goldensohn looks at this elemental urge to create -- and finds some pretty odd projects. We tour Henry Mercer's 100-year-old mansion made out of -- reinforced concrete. Furniture maker Peter Danko shows us his environmentally-friendly, spine-soothing chair -- of plywood. Also, science fiction writers Connie Willis and Joe Haldeman discuss creating worlds thousands of years in the future, to talk about the present. Bioethicist Art Caplan weighs the value of growth hormones for small children; the founders of Readymade magazine show how everyday objects can become beloved possessions; and denizens of Home Depot strut their stuff. Plus, our film reviewer loves the new animated film, "Finding Nemo," but fears cartoons are taking over the world. All that and more in this edition of Been There/Done That.

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Encore Presentation: One Of A Kind -- New Forensics, Levittown Forever, One-Of-A-Kind Musicians From Miles To Beck And Much More
Host Marty Goldensohn explores "One of a Kind." A look into forensics after the age of the fingerprint with medical examiner Michael Baden; getting double vision at the restaurant staffed by 36 sets of identical twins; and looking for uniqueness in Levittown with photographer Joan Klatchko. Also, Tom Moon on one-of-a-kind musicians and a chat with the Michael Jordan of game shows. All that and more in this edition of Been There/Done That.

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Encore Presentation: Chefs, Snobs and the Corporatization of The Academy
Host Marty Goldensohn explores "Knowledge." How do we learn, how do we pass it on, and how do we use it to put others down? He tries to survive a couple hours as a sous chef at Restaurant Daniel, one of the fanciest joints in New York, and talks to Joseph Epstein, snobbery expert. Also, how universities got in the pocket of Big Business; how slaves' skills got stolen; and fine furniture making. All that and more in this archive edition of Been There/Done That.

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