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January 2003

A Look At The Odds: High Stakes Poker, Surviving A Bullet In The Head, Cloning, And The Probability Of Extraordinary Events
Host Marty Goldensohn asks, "What are the chances?" We'll hear about a reporter's sheer luck surviving a shot in the head, and get a lesson in the chancy game of poker. Also, the odds of coincidences like bumping into a friend in Katmandu, and a conversation on cloning with the President's ethicist, Leon Kass. Plus, sampling some of last year's best music that you probably missed.

John Diliberto's Musical Picks:

  • Future Sound of London, from The Isness, "Elysian Fields"
  • Dr. Hukewe Zawose and Michael Brook, from Assembly, "Kuni Kunguni/The Bedbugs Bite"
  • David Bridie, from An Act of Free Choice, "Dive"
  • John Coltrane, from A Love Supreme, "Acknowledgement"


Borders And Boundaries: Invading Species, Uniforms, Regional English, And Office Cubicles
Host Marty Goldensohn explores the borders all around us: the alien species invasion (feral pigs and zebra mussels), the evolution of those flimsy office cubicles, and maps of mythical places. Also, how uniforms define who we are, the "P" volume of the Dictionary of American Regional Engish and Herbie Hancock's musical crossovers.

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Encore Presentation: Reinventing Yourself, New Heart , Divorce Ceremony, Second Chance
Host Marty Goldensohn explores the life of a man who feels a special connection to his donor's heart and personality; folk rocker David Bromberg new life as a vendor of exquisite violins; success and failure as a door to new things; creating a new ritual: the divorce ceremony ; all this plus music, Ogden Nash's poem about marriage and much more in this second chances edition of BTDT.

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Second chances and matters of the heart go hand in hand when it comes to heart transplants, no one knows this better than Jim Gleason author of A Gift From the Heart. For more information on heart transplants and donors visit any of the following links:

More on Jim Gleason's story

Heart transplant qualifications and definitions

Heart Donor qualifications

Success stories

Books and Authors of the Week

  • Phil Penningroth and his former wife Barbara authored Healing Divorce: Transforming the End of Your Relationship with Ritual and Ceremony, based on their true life experiences.
  • Jim Bouton is no stranger to second chances, this former NY Yankee's pitcher wrote Ball Four, his personal account of recovery after injury.


Winter Chills: Freezing In Fairbanks, Burning Up In Boca Raton, An Astronomer Gazes At The Winter Sky, And The Wind Chill Factor Revisited
Host Marty Goldensohn warms up to winter with astronomer Derek Pitts and a look at the winter sky. Also, Jane Austen takes on the snowbirds of Boca Raton, the scientist behind the wind chill factor, and winter driving lessons from a speed racer. Also, surviving 50 below in Fairbanks, Alaska, the economic winter of our discontents and rereading the cool classic, Ethan Frome.

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