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December 2002

The Unknown: Magicians, Anti-aging Curesand the Deep Sea.
Host Marty Goldensohn investigates the secret of "The Turk," the famous 18th century chess-playing machine; looks for the truth behind the Sasquatch and little green men with Father Fanthorpe, (researcher of all things paranormal); and cracks the myths behind modern anti-aging cures. A visit with a woman who hears colors, and remodeling your house, Munsters-style.


Living On The Land: Return To A Firefighter's Rural Roots, The Science Of Getting Lost, A History Of Cremation, And The Ultimate Escape To Mars.
Host Marty Goldensohn journeys back to the land. Writer Michael Perry goes home to rural Wisconsin - population 485, the science behind our sense of direction (or lack there of), and America's obsession with the lawn. Also, blast off to Mars -- colonizing the Red Planet, the indie film "The Truth About Tully", and more.

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Susan FolwellThe work of Susan Folwell, a Native American artist, at the 2002 Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show.


A Musical Extravaganza From The BTDT Archives -- The Cabaret Comeback, A Defense Of Muzak, And One Man's Love Affair With Vinyl Records.
An hour of song and dance. We'll celebrate elevator music and sample some of Muzak's sweetest sounds. Also, Tom Moon on the art of writing a good song, an evening at the Cabaret, and why vinyl records still rock. Plus, how La Traviata is like real life and Hollywood's twisted view of classical musicians.

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Joseph Lanza on MUZAK:


Encore Presentation: Spirituality From Brain To Gurus. Einstein, Statistics And Advise.
Host Marty Goldensohn explores explores spirituality, starting with the brain chemistry behind that oneness-with-the-universe feeling and clarifying what Einstein really believed about religion to discovering the demographics and statistics about faith and religious beliefs. Also, how spirituality is becoming more diverse (often a composite of religions and beliefs), writer Gwenda Blair re-reads Sylvia Plath's novel The Bell Jar, listening to "old dogs" making new music, and much more.




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