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November 2002

Doing The Right Thing: Everyday Ethics with Randy Cohen and Voting - Is It A Moral Imperitive? Also, a Peace Protest from Seattle, The Attraction of Evil -- Why We Root for the Bad Guy, and Do Animals Know Right from Wrong.
Host Marty Goldensohn ponders life's ethical dilemmas with the help of New York Times ethicist Randy Cohen. Also, Thomas Patterson on the vanishing voter -- why half of us never show up at the polls, John Timpaine explores the seduction of evil -- from Captain Hook to Darth Vader, and sounds from a Seattle peace protest against a war with Iraq. Plus, you may think Fido lives a moral life but do animals really have ethics?

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The Call of the Wild: From Stories of Feral Children Raised by Wolves, To An Insiders Tour of the Indie Rock Scene. Also, Visionary Artists, Baseball's Wild Pitches, and Tasty Buffalo.
Host Marty Goldensohn ourneys into the wild to discover the health benefits of nature, like why looking at trees makes us happy, hopeful people. Also, real life Tarzans -- a history of feral kids raised by animals in the wild; the body clock -- how humans and bees keep time; and outsider art, a tour through the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore. Plus, sampling some wild rock music, munching on buffalo meat, and rereading the savage romance, Wuthering Heights.

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"No Thanks!" We'll turn our noses up at everything from medicinal maggots to rotten movies. Also, exploring what makes us gag, learning how to say no, and a rejection hotline.
Host Marty Goldensohn gets a lesson in saying NO! or no thanks. First, would you eat a sandwich that a sterilized cockroach touched? We'll explore the yuck emotion with a disgust psychologist. Also, the perfect comeback to a bad pickup line -- the rejection hotline; maggots and leeches cling to modern medicine; and commentator Stanely Mieses attempts to sell his old vinyl records. Plus, the antidote to the Oscar, the Razzies, awarding the worst movies and performances of the year.

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Stuff Are Us; The Pursuit of Buying More and More, QVC and Garage Sales
Host Marty Goldensohn goes to QVC, the pentagon of stuff ; he talks to Gray Cross author of " All Consuming Century" on how growing up with too many toys makes us into adults that don't stop buying; old and young doctor's approach to new medicines; the latest in World Fusion music with John Diliberto, host of Echoes; TV ads as entertainment then and now (“I want my Maypo!”) , Dr. Who, and much more.

Books of the Week:

  • "An All Consuming Century" by Gary Cross
  • "Brought To You By: Postwar Television Advertising and the American Dream" by Larry Samuel

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John Diliberto's Music Picks...

  • Ancient Future: Planet Passion
  • Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble: Silk road Journeys, Where Strangers Meet
  • Kodo: Mondo Head


The Pursuit of Happiness at work, at home and at the dinner table. Also, the science of laughter, and why smart people do dumb things.
Host MARTY GOLDENSOHN pursues happiness. Find out why sex, sugar, sitcoms, rock n' roll, even work can make us smile. Also, the invention of the TV laugh track, feel good '80s rock, and how happiness defines us as a species. Plus, actress Lupe Ontiveros on her new movie "Real Women Have Curves," and a scientific investigation of laughter.

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