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October 2002

Utopias, From Co-Housing to Esperanto, The Internet Promise, Musak Defended and The Seventies Attacked
Host Marty Goldensohn takes us on a voyage in search of Utopia: co-housing that creates village-like communities, Musak as democratic music "air conditioning", chatting in Esperanto, the global language, good and evil in the disco decade, commentaries, music and much more.

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Words, Quick Wits, and Slinging Slang
Host Marty Goldensohn explores language and culture. There's the rise of doublespeak--when and why did we start calling rotten fruit "distressed produce?" We'll take a look at fast-talking dames in movies, and get a taste of how the tongue works. John Kalish will show us another side of Bob Dylan, and music, commentaries, and more.

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Favorite Picks from The BTDT Arts and Culture Archive -- Opera Divas, The Scarlet Letter, Musical Innovators, and Sci-Fi Flicks.
Host Marty Goldensohn takes us on a tour through the Been There "Arts and Culture Museum" : getting an "A" for rereading The Scarlet Letter, the cabaret comeback, and the sound of innovation -- Joni Mitchell, Miles Davis and Beck. Also, what sci-fi movies have to say about the world today. And, voice lessons from opera divas.

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All Things Passion: Muses on Overtime, Making the World's Fastest Marathon Runner, Passion Fruit, A Sex Museum, and Flying with the Powerpuff Derby Pilots.
Host Marty Goldensohn explores passion, from the purple gooey fruit to steamy love letters. He talks to Gene Nora Jessen about the history of her fellow pilots and the famous 1929 Powerpuff Derby, the first women's cross-country air race . Also, a trip to the new Sex Museum in Manhattan, and writer Francine Prose on the muses behind Freud, Nietzsche and Dali. Plus, revisiting the Dymaxion House, the house that Bucky Fuller built, and the quest to create the fastest American marathoner.

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