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September 2002

Mysteries and the Unknown, From Magicians to Anti-Aging Cures, Plus the Deep Sea
Host Marty Goldensohn investigates the secret of "The Turk," the famous 18th century chess-playing machine, looks for the truth behind the Sasquatch and hidden treasures with Father Fanthorpe, (researcher of all things paranormal), and cracks the myths behind modern anti-aging cures. A visit with a woman who hears colors, and mystery writer Walter Mosley reflects on September 11th and the year since.


One of a Kind: New forensics, Levittown forever, one of a kind musicians from Miles to Beck, and much more.
Host Marty Goldensohn explores "One of a Kind." A look into forensics after the age of the fingerprint with medical examiner Michael Baden, getting double vision at the restaurant staffed by 36 sets of identical twins, and looking for uniqueness in Levittown with photographer Joan Klatchko. Also Tom Moon on one of a kind musicians, a chat with the Michael Jordan of game shows, and much more.

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Resources for this week:

  • Tom Moon's music picks:
    Miles Davis "Kind of Blue," "Sketches of Spain"
    Joni Mitchell "Court and Spark," "Mingus," "Hejira"
    Beck "Odelay," "Mutations"

  • Levittown Revisited can be seen:
    Dec 5 2002 - Feb 15 2003
    The Print Center
    1614 Latimer Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19103
    215 735.6090
    215 735.5511 fax

    Jan 25 - April 15 2002
    The James A Michener Art Museum - Doylestown, Pa


Chefs, Snobs, and the Corporatization of the Academy
Host Marty Goldensohn explores explores "Knowledge." How do we learn, how do we pass it on, and how do we use it to put others down? He tries to survive a couple hours as sous chef at Restaurant Daniel (don't order the soup!), one of the fanciest joints in New York, and talks to Joseph Epstein, snobbery expert. How universities got in Big Business' pocket, how slaves' skills got stolen, plus fine furniture making, music, and more.

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Home Runs, Human Clocks, and Ann Richards
Host Marty Goldensohn explores Comebacks, from life after Texas with Ann Richards to the greatest sports comebacks of all time. John Diliberto checks in to talk about a couple musicians taking U-Turns midcareer, a report on the comeback of lower Manhattan, tuning your body clock, and Marty's wish: that his daughter might come back from college. All that plus finding your old clothes at the thrift store, the return of mashed potatoes, and much more.

John Dilberto's music picks:

  • George WInston "Night Divides the Day: The Music of the Doors"
  • Moodswings "Horizontal," "Spiritual High"
  • The Doors, "The Doors"
  • The Pretenders, "Last of the Independents"

Links for this week:

  • When he's not hanging out with Marty on BTDT, John DIliberto is host of Echoes.




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