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August 2002

An Archive Edition of Been There/Done That:
Give Me Shelter, From Building Your Own House To Cruising An "Airstream", The Other Shingles, Music And Mortgages
Host Marty Goldensohn explores sensible approaches to building your dream house, also to refinance or not, with finance wizard Vic Levinson; rediscovering (Everybody is Talking About It) Nilssen and finding new voices with music critic Tom Moon; rereading Portnoy, still complaining after all these years; the Zen of building a house with your dad, and much more.

Tom Moon's Music Picks

  • Rufus Wainwright "Poses"
  • Harry Nilsson "Personal Best"
  • Norah Jones "Come Away With Me"

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An Archive Edition of Been There/Done That:
Give Personal Identity Kits, Identity Theft, The Self In Movies and Corporate Sponsored Lives
Host Marty Goldensohn explores identity. There's the nine to five work identity, the advantages and pitfalls of a secret identity, from Tony Soprano to Superman, and is it true that you are what you buy? The self in movies, how to prevent a stolen identity, food, music and much more.

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An Archive Edition of Been There/Done That:
Lies, Tall Stories and Failing Lying Detector's Tests.
Host Marty Goldensohn explores the history of lying and the consequences of playing with the truth. He innocently straps himself to a lying detector's test and fails--miserably. Also discovering the tall tales woven by Bil Lepp, five time winner of the West Virginia Liars Contest, writer Stanley Mieses about living with (and leaving) a compulsive liar, Dr ShawnChillag on illnesses with symptoms that mislead, discovering the restaurant with the shortest menu in the world (2 dishes), music, humor and much more in this edition of BTDT.


An Archive Edition of Been There/Done That:
On The Road Again And Forever, Roadside Attractions And... "Westering"
Host Marty Goldensohn takes us on the road and visits the world's largest model train museum and other roadside attractions. He talks with John Mac Faragher about the American ongoing impulse to "go west", John Timpane on Odysseus as a metaphor for "gotta go", Gwenda Blair rereads Kerouac , and life during the reign of the one million watt station on the Mexican border (where Wolfman Jack and many other got their fame). Also the unwelcome Hepatitis C epidemic. Music, humor and more on this week's BTDT.




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