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July 2002

The Simpler the Better, Money, Life and Less Stuff
Host Marty Goldensohn explores explores how we can concentrate on the important things in life. A conversation with Connie Killmark a CPA (Certified "Psychiatric" Accountant) about less spending, and with the editor of Real Simple magazine about less fussing. Journalist Nicholas Von Hoffman rants about the costs of living "simple", a second look at Dr Strangelove with Don Dewey, taming the stress monster, a hundred years of recorded poetry, news, music and advice from Simplicity Man.

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Spirituality From Brain To Gurus. Einstein, Statistics And Advise

Host Marty Goldensohn explores explores spirituality, starting with the brain chemistry behind that oneness-with-the-universe feeling and clarifying what Einstein really believed about religion to discovering the demographics and statistics about faith and religious beliefs. Also, how spirituality is becoming more diverse (often a composite of religions and beliefs), writer Gwenda Blair re-reads Sylvia Plath's novel The Bell Jar, listening to "old dogs" making new music, and much more.

Read the transcript of Marty's interview with John Stachel, author of "Einstein B to Z."


Creativity, Lunatics, Inventors And Lefties

Host Marty Goldensohn is in search of that elusive definition of creativity, musicians as madmen in the movies, a conversation with best-selling mystery writer Harlen Coben about the seedy underbelly of suburbia as inspiration, absurd inventions plus Bill Cosby on the invention of basketball, the latest on multiple intelligence, southpaw smarts, and much more in this edition of BTDT.

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  • Need blueprints for toilet seat landing lights? Check out America's goofiest patents
  • Marty spoke with Lisa Margonelli about the Moneymaker Plus, one of many simple solutions to income problems in the developing world. Learn more about Approtec.


The Pets In Our Lives, Love, Conflict And Robo-Dogs

Host Marty Goldensohn explores life with animals, 112 million of them in the US. How wolfs became lap dogs, how a dog becomes a family robot. A jealous parrot rules the household, a behaviorist explains pets problems, cats and boyfriends, an ode to animals, pets as solace for the lonely, and much more.

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