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Program Archive
June 2002

The Unknown: Magicians, Anti-aging Curesand the Deep Sea.
Host Marty Goldensohn investigates the secret of "The Turk," the famous 18th century chess-playing machine; looks for the truth behind the Sasquatch and little green men with Father Fanthorpe, (researcher of all things paranormal); and cracks the myths behind modern anti-aging cures. A visit with a woman who hears colors, and remodeling your house, Munsters-style.

Why Do We Play?, Board Games, Sex Games, Learning To Play Golf, And The Art Of Cabaret Singing..
Host MARTY GOLDENSOHN explores the games we play. He goes to the San Diego Zoo with play expert Fred Donaldson to learn from the animals. Follows humorist Bill Geist in his quest to learn golf . Also the connection between play and sex, the Mabel Mercer festival of cabaret singers , streets games that are fading away, music, humor and “Navajo Code Talkers” without the Hollywood spin.

Links of the Week:

  • Find out more about Linda Feinstein's mah jongg classes
  • San Diego Zoo - The official website for the San Diego Zoo, featuring exclusive photos of furry friends, interesting research articles, recent zoo occurrences, and zoo shopping.
  • Holistic Living Seminar Home Page – Featuring Fred Donaldson. Fred Donaldson’s findings on the effect of play on longevity and well-being. The site offers the full length of one of Dr. Donaldson’s keynote speeches, Inklings of Eternity: On the Human Capacity to Play.
  • CBS News Correspondent Bill Geist -Find out more about Bill Geist, his background, work, and recent publishings
  • Time Warner Books – Fore! Play, by Bill Geist - Thinking of taking up golf? Before you do, visit this site to read about Geist’s hilarious book, Fore!Play: The Last American Male Takes up Golf
  • Mahjong Newspaper - Jump into the exciting world of Mahjong and read about the latest Mahjong news and updates
  • Mabel Mercer Cabaret Convention - Explore Mabel Mercer’s magnificent contribution to the great american art of Cabaret. The site offers a comprehensive look at the convention’s performers and recent performances.
  • Games Official Website -If you feel the need for a good game, you’ll find many options here.
  • Cryptology: Navajo Code Talkers in WWII - The Navajo provided an extraordinary gift to their country during WWII, read all about their work and experiences

Stuff Are Us; The Pursuit of Buying More and More, QVC and Garage Sales.
Host MARTY GOLDENSOHN goes to QVC, the pentagon of stuff ; he talks to Gray Cross author of " All Consuming Century" on how growing up with too many toys makes us into adults that don't stop buying; old and young doctor's approach to new medicines; the latest in World Fusion music with John Diliberto, host of Echoes; TV ads as entertainment then and now (“I want my Maypo!”) , Dr. Who, and much more.

Books of the Week:

  • "An All Consuming Century" by Gary Cross
  • "Brought To You By: Postwar Television Advertising and the American Dream" by Larry Samuel

Links of the Week:

John Diliberto's Music Picks...

  • Ancient Future: Planet Passion
  • Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble: Silk road Journeys, Where Strangers Meet
  • Kodo: Mondo Head


Turning Points in Life, Food, Music, and computers.
Host Marty Goldensohn rediscovers ENIAC the world's first computer, developed 50 years ago at the University of Pennsylvania. He finds a guide to the ethnic foods that enrich American diets and are transformed into American food exports. Violinist Paul Krassner flunks at a Carnegie Hall recital and becomes the king of investigative satire. Music, Kurt Vonnegut and Julie, Amtrak's sexy robot.

Books of the Week:

Link of the Week:



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