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May 2002

Creativity (Everybody Wants It), Lunatics, Inventors And Lefties .
Host Marty Goldensohn is in search of that illusive definition of creativity, classical composer and musicians as lunatics (courtesy of Hollywood), a conversation with best seller mystery writer Harlen Coben about the underbelly of suburbia as inspiration, absurd inventions plus Bill Cosby on the invention of basketball, the latest on multiple intelligence, are lefties smarter? and much more in this edition of BTDT.

Links of the Week

  • ApproTEC is a non-profit organization that stimulates economic growth by establishing technology driven businesses in poverty stricken African communities. Martin Fisher and Nick Moon founded this organization in July 1981, for more information check out http://www.approtec.org Lisa Margonelli wrote a story about ApproTEC & their Money-Make Plus in Wired magazine, to read this article go to http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/10.04/approtec.html
  • Reggio Emilia is a different approach to teaching pre-school age children. It is based on the following principles, emergent curriculum, project work, representational development, collaboration, teachers as researchers, documentation and environment. More information is available at http://www.cmu.edu/cyert-center/reggio.htm#Reggio Emilia

Books of the Week

  • "Right Hand, Left Hand: The Origins of Asymmetry in Brains, Bodies, Atoms, and Cultures" by I. C. McManus writes about the myths of creativity related to whether your left or right handed and much more. (Book not yet published)
  • Ted Vancleave compiled some of the most, um, interesting inventions out there in his book "Totally Absurd Inventions"
  • Howard Gardener's theory of Multiple Intelligences proves street smarts are just as valid as book smarts in his book "Frames of Mind."


The Human Comedy. Firesign Theater and Dealing with Parents at Home. Love, Guilt And Duty.
Host Marty Goldensohn talks to the Firesign Theater about humor, longevity and their transition from the 60' to their sixties. Also, sane advise from the authors of "Are Your Parents Driving You Crazy", about how to take care of your aging parents without bossing them around and without burning out. Nichols and May on guilt, baby boomers and their older parents, the extended but not overextended family and much more in this archive edition of BTDT.

Books of the Week:
Vivian Greenberg's Books:

  • Respecting Your Limits When Caring for Aging Parents
  • Children of a Certain Age
  • Invisible Losses

Link of the Week:
Firesign Theatre, still crazy after all these years....


The Future, Fact And Fiction. Star Trek As Philosophy, The Scifi Radio Guy, Suburbs Vs. Subways, And More
Host Marty Goldensohn explores the vision of the future in medicine with NYT science reporter Gina Kolata. Science fiction visionaries in radio ( with the sci-fi guy and his radio archive) and in film (with critic Owen Gliberman). Also, deconstructing Star Trek for its ethical messages, exploring the shape of tomorrow with eminent historian Kenneth Jackson, news, music, humor and more.

Links mentioned on this BTDT:

scifiguy.com [archive of futuristic radio from the past]

Our treasure trove of sci-fi music comes from "Brain in the Box:The Science Fiction Collection" Rhino Records. 5 CD set with a companion sci-fi guide, (comes in a brain hologram box).

Disc 1: Movie Themes -- includes such greats as Forbidden Planet, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Mars Attacks, Close Encounters of the Third Kind...

Disc 2: TV Themes -- The Twilight Zone, Lost In Space, Doctor Who, The Jetsons, The Outer Limits, The X-Files....

Disc 3: Pop -- "Have You Seen The Saucers" - Jefferson Airplane; "Telstar" - The Tornadoes; "Waiting for the UFOs" - Graham Parker & The Rumour; "For Science" - They Might Be Giants; "Humans From Earth" - T-Bone Burnett; "Radar Blues" - Chris Conner

Disc 4: Incidental/Lounge -- "Frozen Neptune" - Russ Garcia & His Orchestra, "Saturday Night On Saturn" - Sun Ra; "Space Reflex" - Dick Hyman; "Cosmic Ballad" - Perrey Kingsley; "Alien" - Leonard Nimoy; "On Planet X" - David Garland with John Zorn...

Disc 5: Novelty -- "Beep! Beep!" - Louis Prima; "The Blob" - The Five Blobs; "Planet Claire" - The B-52's; "Gigantor" - The Dickies; "Two Little Men In A Flying Saucer" - Ella Fitzgerald; "We;re Going UFO'ing" - Jimmy Durante.


On The Road Again And Forever, Roadside Attractions And... "Westering"
This week on BTDT, host MARTY GOLDENSOHN takes us on the road and visits the world's largest model train museum, and other roadside attractions. He talks with John Mac Faragher about the American ongoing impulse to "go west", John Timpane on Odysseus as a metaphor for "gotta go", Gwenda Blair rereads Kerouac , and life during the reign of the one million watt station on the Mexican border (where Wolfman Jack and many other got their fame). Also the unwelcome Hepatitis C epidemic. Music, humor and more on this week's BTDT.



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