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February 2002

Living With Cancer, Mississippi John Hurt's Blues And Easy Wills
Host Marty Goldensohn explores how some people have dealt with cancer, starting with conversation with broadcast journalist Linda Ellerbee (founder and executive producer of Nick News on Nickelodium) about surviving breast cancer, and also about creating news for children. Personal experiences from writer Emmanuel Kaftel on telling his kids about his prostate cancer, and a poem about fear and recovery by Alicia Ostriker. Plus the latest in prevention and cure from our doctor on call. Also, listening to bluesman Mississippi John Hurt and his followers, a bittersweet performance by Saturday Night Live' Julia Sweeney (of Pat's fame), making a will via computer, news and more.

Links mentioned in this week's BTDT:
NOLO: Law for All
Books and computer programs about law for "be your own lawyer" consumers.

National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations
Prostate Cancer Research Institute
Resolve: The National Infertility Association

The Love Sick Edition of BTDT, A Heart to Heart About True Romance, Food, Sex, Love and Money.
Host Marty Goldensohn explores romance today, not just love in the movies (from Schreck to Moulin Rouge), and in the revamped true romance comics, but also real life love in the age of AIDS. Writer Gwenda Blair re-reads Love Story with surprising results, plus teen love, romance versus money, and how to write that love letter you've always wanted to send.

The Pets In Our Lives, Love, Conflict And Robo-Dogs
Host Marty Goldensohn explores life with animals, 112 million of them in the US. How wolfs became lap dogs, how a dog becomes a family robot. A jealous parrot rules the household, a behaviorist explains pets problems, cats and boyfriends , an ode to animals, pets as solace for the lonely, and much more.

Links mentioned in this week's BTDT:


Non Stop Learning, The World As A Classroom, Julian Bond On Life And Teaching .. And Jane Eyre All Over Again
Host Marty Goldensohn explores life long learning by hitting the road with a lively and surprising Elder Hostel tour of London and falling from mountains, bridges and airplanes with veteran parachutist Jim Geyer. Also in this rebroadcast, a conversation with Julian Bond about life, activism, getting older and teaching. News, a primer on bifocals, rereading Jane Ayre with Gwenda Blair, and more.


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