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Program Archive
January 2002

The Simpler the Better, Money, Life and Less Stuff
Host Marty Goldensohn explores explores how we can concentrate on the important things in life. A conversation with Connie Killmark a CPA ( Certified "Psychiatric" Accountant) about less spending, and with the editor of Real Simple magazine about less fussing. Journalist Nicholas Von Hoffman rants about the costs of living "simple" , a second look at Dr Strangelove with Don Dewey, taming the stress monster, a hundred years of recorded poetry, news, music and advice from Simplicity Man.


Spirituality From Brain To Gurus. Einstein, Statistics And Advise.
Host Marty Goldensohn explores explores spirituality, starting with the brain chemistry behind that oneness-with-the-universe feeling and clarifying what Einstein really believed about religion to discovering the demographics and statistics about faith and religious beliefs. Also, how spirituality is becoming more diverse (often a composite of religions and beliefs), writer Gwenda Blair re-reads Sylvia Plath's novel The Bell Jar, listening to "old dogs" making new music, and much more.

Read the transcript of Marty's interview with John Stachel, author of "Einstein B to Z."

The Future, Fact And Fiction. Star Trek As Philosophy, The Scifi Radio Guy, Suburbs Vs. Subways, And More
Host Marty Goldensohn explores the vision of the future in medicine with NYT science reporter Gina Kolata. Science fiction visionaries in radio ( with the sci-fi guy and his radio archive) and in film (with critic Owen Gliberman). Also, deconstructing Star Trek for its ethical messages, exploring the shape of tomorrow with eminent historian Kenneth Jackson, news, music, humor and more.

Links mentioned on this BTDT:

scifiguy.com [archive of futuristic radio from the past]

Our treasure trove of sci-fi music comes from "Brain in the Box:The Science Fiction Collection" Rhino Records. 5 CD set with a companion sci-fi guide, (comes in a brain hologram box).

Disc 1: Movie Themes -- includes such greats as Forbidden Planet, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Mars Attacks, Close Encounters of the Third Kind...

Disc 2: TV Themes -- The Twilight Zone, Lost In Space, Doctor Who, The Jetsons, The Outer Limits, The X-Files....

Disc 3: Pop -- "Have You Seen The Saucers" - Jefferson Airplane; "Telstar" - The Tornadoes; "Waiting for the UFOs" - Graham Parker & The Rumour; "For Science" - They Might Be Giants; "Humans From Earth" - T-Bone Burnett; "Radar Blues" - Chris Conner

Disc 4: Incidental/Lounge -- "Frozen Neptune" - Russ Garcia & His Orchestra, "Saturday Night On Saturn" - Sun Ra; "Space Reflex" - Dick Hyman; "Cosmic Ballad" - Perrey Kingsley; "Alien" - Leonard Nimoy; "On Planet X" - David Garland with John Zorn...

Disc 5: Novelty -- "Beep! Beep!" - Louis Prima; "The Blob" - The Five Blobs; "Planet Claire" - The B-52's; "Gigantor" - The Dickies; "Two Little Men In A Flying Saucer" - Ella Fitzgerald; "We;re Going UFO'ing" - Jimmy Durante.

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