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On Been There / Done That, host-writer Marty Goldensohn weaves interviews, features, audio essays, commentaries and field recordings into a lively, witty, informative and entertaining one hour program.

In one program Marty can take us from Seattle’s Pike Market for a look at "third places" where people gather and create community to a funny conversation with Valerie Harper in New York, from finding an acceptable meal at a greasy spoon to the more serious issues involving saving for retirement, searching for utopia, taking care of body and soul or dealing with aging parents and college bound kids, plus humor, music, film, and more.


Been There / Done That is produced at WHYY-FM in Philadelphia and includes interview guests, commentators and audio essayists from around the country.

Marty Goldensohn Host/Writer
Elisabeth Perez Luna Producer
Lauren Krenzel Co-Producer
Michael Talis Co-Producer
Viet Le Production Assistant
Emily Weintraub Production Assistant


You can reach us at: 215-351-2073 or BTDT@whyy.org

Marty Goldensohn
Host, Been There/Done That

Host Marty Goldensohn has been writing and producing radio and television, for the past 28 years. He has worked as Marketplace’s New York bureau chief, and has contributed extensively to National Public Radio’s All Things Considered and Morning Edition on the environment, politics and social issues. Goldensohn has served as co-anchor of WNYC’s New York Considered a neighborhood-level radio show that addressed both serious and humorous local issues, and was anchor, writer, and producer of Heat of the Night, a public radio show in Boston, and WBGO-FM, Newark.

Goldensohn has received several Emmy Awards (one award in 1984 and 3 awards in 1986) for his work in public television programs and documentaries. He was nominated for a Peabody Award in 1991, for the "Corporation for Public Broadcasting Performance Award."

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